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Datathon 2022: Argentina and Uruguay

About the Datathon

In October 2022, a pilot Datathon was held in Argentina and Uruguay, which included a 6-speaker symposium, a training day, and a day dedicated to brainstorming and collaboration. 59 scientists from diverse backgrounds participated in the events, and 30 scientists collectively archived 913 new 16S RNA samples in NCBI's Sequence Read Archives (SRA), creating the largest soil microbiome collection in the region to date. Download all metadata for the samples included in the Datathon (including NCBI accession numbers) here, and download the event brochures here . This project was funded by the iDiv Flexpool project “New models for equitable data reuse in microbial ecology” and supported by an Asociación Nacional de Investigación e Innovación (ANII) exchange grant

Samples archived and compiled during the 2022 Datathon

Training materials for data deposition

As part of the first Datathon, we developed guides to assist users while depositing amplicon sequence data to NCBI. They are available online, in Spanish and in English.

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